Here’s My Story

Sam Miles

My name is Sam Miles and welcome to Pottery Mastery, the place to be for experienced and aspiring artists who love nothing more than to work with clay and ceramics.

Whether you’re brand new to this rewarding hobby or have a lifetime passion for pottery, you’ll be sure to find likeminded individuals who share your passion as well as plenty of content that you can put to use in your craft.

As an avid potter who enjoys this hobby just as much for fun as I do professionally, I wanted an online space where I could share my love with others.

Pottery Mastery hopes to be that place and somewhere that potters of all skill levels and backgrounds could come to find out more about their favorite pastime.

On this website, I have everything from buying guides and reviews for the latest gear to practical information and tips you can use in your own craft.

The lifelong hobby of pottery is something that many of us are lucky to enjoy, and I want to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of it that you can so you can get all of its rewards.

Whether you’re into ceramics or other methods, have never spun a wheel in your life, or have been an avid potter for as long as you can remember, I guarantee you’ll find something valuable here at Pottery Mastery.

You can share your thoughts with others who have the same hobby and get all of the latest information on products and techniques that are happening in the world of pottery.

This website has everything from reviews and recommendations to buying guides and information posts that answer some of the most common questions potters have.

Take your time to explore and see what’s happening in the world of pottery, and no matter your skill level or specialty I hope to make Pottery Mastery somewhere that you love to visit.